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Exhibition October 25 − December 1, 2018
Ryan Mosley. Under the moon
Gallery Tim Van Laere presented the second solo exhibition of Briton Ryan Mosley, called "Under the moon".

Blurring the boundaries between figurative, anthropomorphic and abstract, Mosley created a parallel universe where everyday life turned into a fantastic one. For this exhibition, he wrote a new series of paintings, where the Moon became the binding motif. The characters of the artist are actors and actresses, dandies, owners of dogs living in the modern world.

Mosley refers to Greek myths, fables, ancient tales and folklore. Thanks to his spontaneous approach to painting, characters and narratives appear organically, after the cross-fertilization of ideas. Adding and removing colors, the artist moves the characters and the story in new directions, far from the original idea.
2018, 200×150 cm
2018, 120×95 cm
All artworks at the exhibition