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Exhibition November 4, 2018 − February 3, 2019
Klimt / Schiele. Drawings from Albertina
Royal Academy of Art in London opened the exhibition “Klimt / Schiele. Drawings from Albertina »- A selection of rare and fragile works of two masters, giving an intimate understanding of their creative relationships and processes. This exhibition is dedicated to the centenary of the death of both artists.

1918 became seismic for the crumbling Austro-Hungarian Empire. The lively period of creative revival ended with the death of two prominent painters. One of them, Gustav Klimt, was the ancestor of the Viennese modern, the second - a young, scandalous and incredibly talented - his student Egon Schiele. Both enjoyed the freedom of drawing, the ideal environment for learning new ideas, subjectivity and erotica.

“Klimt / Schiele. Drawings ”is a unique opportunity to see unusual works created by both artists, who are considered one of the most important works on paper of the twentieth century. Among them are Klimt’s sketches for his famous Beethoven’s Frieze and Schiele’s self-portraits, which, due to their fragility, will not see the light again for many years.