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Exhibition October 30, 2018
Portrait. Group exhibition
Lera Litvinova Gallery presents a new art project called "Portrait". The exhibition is located in the space of the Jewish community center "Halom". At the exhibition you can see the works of such famous artists as Oleg Radvan, Igor Gubsky, Alexey Kulakov, Yury Shapoval, Tatyana Shimko, Sergey Piskunov and others. Portraits reveal to the viewer not only external characteristics, but also give an artistic interpretation of the emotions and inner world of the models.

Leonora Yanko, director of the gallery Lera Litvinova, says: “Portraits attract their audience with technique and complexity, artists not only“ read ”people, but are also able to depict its most inconspicuous features on canvas. This is always especially interesting for creators and viewers. ”

“Art opens up new dimensions of everyday life. It's amazing how a simple canvas can convey a whole range of emotions and feelings. A portrait is a story about a person, his life, profession, origin, experience. This is a story that the artist tells as he sees it in his mind, ”says Anna Bondar, director of the Halom Jewish community center.
100×120 cm
100×100 cm
2005, 70×40 cm
All artworks at the exhibition