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Exhibition September 29, 2018 − February 28, 2019
Modern garden
Approaching the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, visitors will see an unusual exhibition - more than thirty modernist sculptures. This original installation is called "Modern Garden"- The first personal project of Damian Ortega in Russia.

Damian Ortega (born 1967 in Mexico City) is a contemporary Mexican artist, widely exhibited throughout the world. His solo exhibitions were held in many major museums in different countries. Ortega is a welcome participant in many contemporary art forums. He lives and works in Mexico City and Berlin.

For his Russian exposition, Ortega chose the logos of various commercial companies and turned them into three-dimensional objects from plywood, concrete and metal. Sculptures are not grouped, but dispersed throughout the square. Such fragmentary placement is characteristic of many works of Ortega.

“Modern garden” is a reflection on sculpture as such and questions of its scale in a public space.

Based on the materials of the official site Museum of Contemporary Art "Garage".