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Exhibition September 19 − November 3, 2018
Oscar Murillo: increasing content and information
David Zvirner presents the Oscar Murillo exhibition in the Hong Kong gallery. The artist’s large-scale works embody “radical synthesis”, both in form and in content. The artist in his works sews fragments of paintings, which were subjected to various treatments, sometimes for many years. He creates layers of both found and invented images and phrases that are intuitively located in different planes, which leads to dense surfaces that at first glance seem abstract and even lyrical.

Oscar Murillo was born in Columbia in 1986. He studied at Westminster University in London, and then at the Royal College of Art in London. Murillo has had solo exhibitions at renowned institutions around the world. His work is currently under consideration at the 10th Berlin Biennale and the 2nd Biennale of Industrial Art in Croatia .. This is his fourth solo exhibition with the David Zvirner gallery, but first in Asia