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Exhibition 23 − October 30, 2018
Vladislav Shereshevsky. Mon cher Bes Rules.
The exhibition space "Barvy" represents“Mon Sher. Bes Rules - multi-figure works, cityscapes and portraits of Vladislav Shereshevsky. The paintings of the artist are similar to him - they can be radiant-good-natured, they can be gentle. And they can be sarcastic, and even frightening. In the works of Shereshevsky, one thing does not change - they always surprise.

Painting Shereshevsky different large strokes, texture and painstaking performance in the details. His works were executed not only in the realistic tradition (easel painting), but also in the aesthetics of primitivism, grotesque, postmodernist irony and self-irony, neopop art.

Vladislav Shereshevsky (February 25, 1964, Kiev) - Ukrainian painter, graphic artist. He lives and works in Kiev. He studied at the Republican Art School. T.G. Shevchenko. Graduated from Kiev State Art Institute (1991). Member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine since 1992. In 1995 he became a fellow of the Ministry of Culture of Germany. According to analysts of the art market of Ukraine, Vladislav Shereshevsky is among the ten most successful Ukrainian artists.