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Exhibition March 18, 2016 − December 31
History of Finnish art in Athenaeum
The Athenaeum Art Museum in Helsinki has the oldest and largest art collection in Finland. Exhibition"History of Finnish art" presents her favorite classic pieces in a new light. She draws new parallels, and also re-introduces the masterpieces that have not been exhibited for many years. Finnish art is presented in the context of world history of art and global events.

In one row are the pearls of the collection - works of domestic and foreign masters, such as Le Corbusier “Two Women” (1939), Eero Jarnefelt “Pozhog” (1893), Edvard Munch “Bathers” (1907-1908) and Ilya Repin Natalia Borisovna Nordman ”(1900).

The letters, sketches, postcards and photographs presented in the archival hall clearly reflect the life of the artists of that time. Dense hanging of the works immerses into the atmosphere of the salon exhibition of the early twentieth century.