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Exhibition 17 − October 22, 2018
Andrey Chebotaru. Amsterdam, Netherlands
In Kiev "Chocolate House" will open a personal exhibition of Andrei Chebotaru "Amsterdam. Netherlands ”, resulting from the artist’s 2.5-month stay in the Netherlands.

The exhibition includes works created in the Netherlands in the open air, diversifying the multi-faceted beauty of this Western European country. The master spent most of the plein-air in the capital of the Netherlands - Amsterdam, which became very close and dear to him. Andrey Chebotaru wrote a unique series of works by Amsterdam at night. New colors, new technique, new approach to vision and composition.

The paintings of Andrey Chebotaru are in the collections of galleries and private collections in Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, China, Taiwan, the USA, Australia, Montenegro, Croatia, Italy.