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I paint because I can't not paint.
There’s a huge stream of life, people and events flowing through me.
All of this exists within me as an enormous library, but not as a dead weight – it lives, speaks and pulsates with energy. I’m akin to a small god – I’d created my own world and am watching it develop. But this world exists inside my soul, and when the inhabitants start feeling cramped, some of them ask to be released into the outside world, to the people. That’s how paintings are born – I liberate my characters one by one, painting them on canvas or paper, and rejoice, because someone else takes their place – someone new, fascinating and infinitely dear to me. Paintings may exhilarate me or make me sad, but I love them unconditionally and joyfully. They are a part of my soul, my heart and my experience on the planet Earth.

Who am I? I don’t know…
I used to be an educator, an actress, a psychologist. All these professions have transformed into something new within me, which can’t be called a profession, but can be considered a calling. I was always most fascinated by what kind of a creature a man is. People have always surprised me, and I never comprehended the humankind as a whole – all the contradictions, beauty and ugliness, good and evil, hate and love. The lack of harmony in the world where I lived drove me insane. Only time and experience, the tireless striving for knowledge and the desire to live in harmony with myself gave me a chance to realize my dream of a continuous state of creation, creativity and generosity of the soul. Every time I paint today, I always think about what I can give to people, whether I could bring joy to someone’s soul and fill it with power and light of the joy of life. I believe that this is the mission of a true creator, whoever he or she is in the world of art – a poet, a writer, a musician or a painter.
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