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Moscow and Moscow Oblast 
Biography and information
The artist’s style is expressive, often used dynamic and dramatic colors and shades. Most among the paintings of landscapes, in which there are no people. The artist loves to draw birds and animals, sometimes in the genre of symbolism.

The first exhibition took place in 2013. On it were presented the works "Northern Lake" and "Violin Sword". The first in 2016 took the first place at the All-Russian Art Week 1st place in the category "Graphics". The competition was held at the Central House of Artists (Moscow).

From the moment of the first exhibition and at the moment the works were exhibited in galleries in Moscow, Limassol (Republic of Cyprus), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Vladimir, Lipetsk, Krasnogorsk (Moscow region), etc.
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Victor Elpidiforovich Borisov-Musatov
The girl in the necklace. Study for the painting "Emerald Necklace"
Bells. Etude
Roses and earrings
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    Вячеслав Коренев. The kneeling angel
    Peter Mesledsia. Gandalf
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    2015, 21×29.7 cm
    12,000.00 ₽
    2017, 21×29.7 cm
    2015, 42×29.7 cm
    12,000.00 ₽
    2015, 21×29.7 cm
    20,000.00 ₽
    2015, 27×21 cm
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