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Georgievna Toidze
born in 1950
Biography and information
N. Toidze was born in Moscow in a family of famous artists. Her grandfather — Moses I. Toidze — painter, student of I. Ye. Repin, academician — founder of the USSR Academy of Arts, uncle — Heraclius, poster artist, State Prize winner, father — Georgy Moiseyevich Toidze — sculptor and graphic artist. In 1972 she graduated from the Moscow Academic Art School "In Memory of 1905", the faculty of theatrical — decorative art, soon became a regular participant in Moscow and All-Union exhibitions.

Toidze’s early works include landscapes of Georgia made in mixed technique. In them — the freshness and immediacy of perception, an amazing ability to convey in color the "soul" of nature. In the later canvases — intense decorativeism, leading us to the captivating world of Russian art of the early twentieth century. One of the central paintings of the exposition is "Antract (Harlequin)", in which there is a connection with the art of "Jack of Diamonds", striking the energy of the pictorial image of the world, the open power of forms. In the diptych "Flora and Fauna" through bright, associative images, mysteriously occurring in a vibrant colorful elements, the artist conveys the mystery of the processes occurring in nature.

The works of the last period are unusual — large-format canvases, in which the artist’s special ability to see the world around is shown from an unusual point of view. Flowers, stems, leaves, trunks of trees taken large, full size. Natella does not imitate nature, but creatively reproduces it.

In everything that Toidze does, there is nothing contrived and composed, there is no desire to surprise and to shock. In her work one feels the sincerity of the feelings and experiences of the artist herself, in love with the secret life of nature, which she transforms in her landscapes and still lifes. She is equally interested in the nature of the Caucasus and the Russian North, views of Moscow courtyards and the landscape of village fields.

Natella Toidze is a born painter. In her art, which is closely connected with the traditions of the Moscow school of painting, a subtle lyrical beginning, courage and spontaneity of coloristic talent is felt.

N. Toidze’s works are in museum and private collections in Russia and abroad.
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Natella Georgievna Toidze. Wild grapes
Wild grapes
2009, 185×125 cm
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