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Fedor Dmitrievich Usachev
 Dmitrievich Usachev
Moscow born in AD artist, collector
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Biography and information

Usachev Fedor Dmitrievich

1989 year of birth, Moscow.

In 2005 he graduated from the School of Watercolor S.N. Andriyaki.

From 2006 to 2009 completed a four-year course at the University of Arts in Linz (Austria) in painting, book graphics, etching, sculpture and composition. Studying in a college of diamonds and diamonds.

Since 2010 — Member of the International Art Fund. Member of the Union of Watercolorists of Russia.
2005 — Manezh Central Exhibition Hall, 2009 — New Manezh cost center, 2010 — House of Cinema, exhibition-competition named after V. Popkova, 2010 — vyst. Hall of the IHF, the exhibition "Women's Images".
2011 — Museum of A.S. Pushkin, vol. "Moscow is the city of the world", 2012 — Sergiev Posad, Y. Gagarin Palace, Vist., Dedicated. 700th anniversary of the Cossacks.
Personal exhibitions:
1999 — at the Christmas fair in Linz (Austria), 2007, 2009 — Krylatsky Ornament Gallery, 2008 — Raiffeisenbank (Waldhausen, Austria),

Personal exhibitions:
1999 — at the Christmas fair in Linz (Austria), 2007, 2009 — Krylatsky Ornament Gallery, 2008 — in the lobby of Raiffeisenbank (Waldhausen, Austria), 2010 — Ex. Hall of the IHF
2011 — lecture hall cultural Center "Nega", 2012 — in the b-ke them. V. Rozanov (Sergiev Posad). 2007 Gallery Krylatsky ornament. 2013 Punctum exhibition of portraits. 2017. House of Russian abroad, dedicated to May 9, World War II. 2017 Gallery Krylatsky ornament.
2018 International Art Fund. Thought about the main thing.
2019 Library of Foreign Literature.
"Stairway to the era."
Currently, Fedor Usachev leads an active creative and pedagogical activity, working in an academic studio and in the Grossko rehabilitation center as an art therapist.
Directions of work: portraits, landscape, still life, portrait in the technique of watercolor, pastel, oil, academic drawing, illustration.
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Claude Monet. Vernon, the sun
Vernon, the sun
Claude Monet
1894, 66×95.1 cm
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Henri Marten. Self-portrait
Henri Marten. Plot 61
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Artworks by the artist
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Fedor Dmitrievich Usachev. Sunny Czech Republic.
Sunny Czech Republic.
June 2013, 20×20×30 cm
Fedor Dmitrievich Usachev. Hungarian square.
Hungarian square.
XXI century, 30×20×30 cm
Fedor Dmitrievich Usachev. Road to the past
Road to the past
XXI century
Fedor Dmitrievich Usachev. Tarusa.
XXI century
Fedor Dmitrievich Usachev. Kaliningrad
XXI century
Fedor Dmitrievich Usachev. Mystic nature
Mystic nature
XXI century
Fedor Dmitrievich Usachev. Petrovsko-reasonovskaya
XXI century
Fedor Dmitrievich Usachev. Portrait of a brother.
Portrait of a brother.
XXI century
Fedor Dmitrievich Usachev. In the evening silence.
$2 000
In the evening silence.
2019, 60×45 cm
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