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born in 1962 •
artist, art connoisseur
Biography and information
The main direction of painting is surrealism. A. F. Khazgaleev repeatedly participated in republican exhibitions, combining teaching work in Ufa schools with his own creativity. The works of the author are in private collections in Russia and abroad.
From the interview given to the newspaper Istoki: "Everything comes from the name — literally just a few words. A thought begins to develop, and a picture is born from it."
"Basically, the picture is assembled in parts. First comes a single impulse, but in the process of work something is added or removed. When I work, I completely switch, I do not need any special conditions. The main thing for me is the idea, it is being harvested for a long time but it is born very quickly. If it exists, it means that there is already a finished work. " ("Sources" № 6, Yegor Okunev, February 6, 2019)
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About me
Основное направление живописи - сюрреализм. А. Ф. Хазгалеев неоднократно участвовал в республиканских выставках, совмещая преподавательскую работу в уфимских школах с собственным творчеством. Работы автора находятся в частных коллекциях России и за рубежом.
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    Vera Alexandrovna Kholmogorova. Parisian
    3,500.00 ₽
    Vera Alexandrovna Kholmogorova. Bouquet of Tulips
    4,500.00 ₽
    Alexander Pavlovich Rusanov. Washing
    Alexander Pavlovich Rusanov
    2018, 3.5×5 cm
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