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Vadimovna Pichugina
born in 1991 •
Biography and information

Born August 2, 1991 in the city of Bratsk. I take a great interest in drawing from the early childhood years, from the age of 7 (1998) I was engaged in the school from the studio, at the age of 11 (in 2002) I entered the preparatory class of the United Children’s Art School No. 3 of Bratsk, which I graduated with honors in 2007. Since 1998, she has participated in art exhibitions, contests and festivals (such as "The Pearl of Bratsk", "Yenisei Mosaic", "The Holy Advocates of Russia", the international drawing competition dedicated to the 200th anniversary of G. Andersen (2005)) .

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Margarita Vadimovna Pichugina. Still Life with Pumpkin
Still Life with Pumpkin
Margarita Vadimovna Pichugina
2007-2007, 50×40 cm
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Margarita Vadimovna Pichugina. Still Life with Sunflowers
Still Life with Sunflowers
Margarita Vadimovna Pichugina
2019-2019, 40×50 cm
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