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I study at the Ural State Mining University, this year I graduate. Creative specialty - jewelry designer.
The profile includes works created in the main disciplines, such as painting, drawing, composition, color, both studio and home.

I have no particular preferences in art. Sometimes I might like to work, but this style as a whole is not. I like something new that I don’t know yet - and it’s impossible to predict in advance whether it’s going to like it or not. In other words - I respect any genre and style, each has something interesting, unique, and whether you like it or not - this is a matter of taste, personal sensation :)

In my works, I also do not attach to styles, there may be features from various, but this does not mean that they are there intentionally. I create, relying solely on my vision :)
In my opinion, the main task of the artist is just not to imitate anyone)

All questions as e-mail - polbel197@gmail.com
and through private messages on the site.

All work in stock, good condition.


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