Bart Volo
Барселона, Испания родился в 1978 художник
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Биография и информация
Bart Volo is a post-soviet artist, whose oeuvre is at the intersection of design and street art. After taking his degree in the road technical school, Bart Volo did not work a day on his specialty. Not having a higher artistic education, self-taught artist, already has become the leading designer of the magazine «Cinema» at the age of 19, sharpened his skills in design in a German advertising agency (Germol), and later in his own company (Design Alliance). He has hundreds of design projects for magazines, restaurants, cafes, offices, shops, hotels and apartments, corporate styles for companies of different profiles. From 2003 to 2015 he had been living in Moscow, where he started to work on the portrait genre with techniques of oil painting. The artist is under the close attention of collectors, art-dealers and gallery owners in Russia. His works are presented in the collections of Roberto Cavalli, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergei Lavrov, political figure Ksenia Sobchak (presidential candidate 2018), Russian and European artists. In 2015 Bart Volo leaved Moscow and moved to Spain. Especially for his first solo exhibition in Barcelona, Bart Volo creates new series of work. Irony becomes the constant of author’s everyday life, which prevails in the conceptual field of the project Art & HeArt.
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всего 2 работы · 1 в продаже
Bart Volo. #21
Аукцион: €50
2018, 61×90 см
Bart Volo. VPK
2018, 120×4×200 см
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