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Artist Anna Glushko was born in the Urals city of Chelyabinsk. From early childhood showed a bright creative individuality. In 2006 graduated from Chelyabinsk Art College, faculty of painting and went to live in Saint-Petersburg. Currently, study and work in Saint-Petersburg is a 5-year student of the faculty of Painting Academy of fine Arts named after Repin, in the workshop under the guidance of H. V. Savkuev. Anna actively participates in exhibitions and competitions. Her paintings are in private collections of Russian and Chinese collectors. Pictures of Anna her thoughts, a reflection of her experiences, dreams... A vivid imagination, unusual compositional solutions, and the eternal creative search that can be characterized by this artist, promising and creative person.
These paintings are part of a series written for 2016-2018.

1.Chelyabinsk Art College (painting) 2001-2006.
2.SPBGATI 2007-2008 Scenography.
3.Academy of Arts im. Repin. SPB Painting 2013-2019

The history of exhibitions and competitions.
Contest "Spring" 2001 Chelyabinsk ,Exhibition "Young artists of Ural" in 2005, the Contest "Autumn", 2004, Chelyabinsk. The competition illustration "in memory of Dostoevsky". 2005. Participation in exhibitions of the Union of artists of SPB. "Young artists" 2015, 2016. Participation in exhibitions of the Academy of Arts "plein air"2016, 2017, . Participation in the exhibition of the Pushkin reserve 2015. Competition Minakova "Happiness". 2017. The finalist gallery, the cluster's premises "Muse should work" 2018. The 2 finalist stage of the contest of the Polish Foundation "Three bridges" 2018.
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