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Borisovich Zakharov
born in 1960 •
artist, collector
Biography and information
Born in 1960 in Moscow. In 1984 he graduated from Moscow architectural Institute. Member of Moscow Union of artists since 1998 Main genres: landscape, still life portrait. Member of the Federal, Moscow, Regional and personal exhibitions. Works are in museums and private collections in Russia and abroad. PS If You decide to contact me to buy the work, my phone: 8 916 062 8263. Intermediaries do not worry.
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Oleg Borisovich Zakharov. Sunrise. Mystery Cover.
Sunrise. Mystery Cover.
Oleg Borisovich Zakharov
60×80 cm
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Oleg Borisovich Zakharov. Torzhok.
Oleg Borisovich Zakharov
35×45 cm
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