Олег Мингалев
родился в XX век художник, коллекционер
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Oleg Mingalev
Theorist, creator and developer of the post-modern trends in art: Social Art (1979), Dualism (1982), Art of Mysteries (1985), Neofuturism (1986), Video Poetry (1986), Ethnomodern (1997), an artist, a poet, a playwright.
Oleg was born in October 27, 1959 in the small picturesque town New Sanzhary of Poltava region. At the age of 6 years Oleg was conscious of his desire to become an artist. He began to take private lessons in drawing.

Academic background

1. 1969−1973 — his studying at the Poltava children’s art school.
2. 1978−1982 Kharkov State Art School. He studied there the method of structural drawing «representing and depicting the forms in space» under the leadership of the master Vladimir Ivanovich Vysekaylo, who was continuing the tradition of this method from such meters as Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin and Grigory Bondarenko.
3. In 1985 he defended his diploma of the Moscow Literary Gorky Institute. At the same time he studied cinematographic by his friends — film directors — Rustam Khamdamov and Sergei Paradjanov.

Work experience:
1. 1976−1977 — his participation at Poltava city exhibitions
2. 1976 — his painting «Summer» was bought by Poltava Art Museum.
3. In 1978 Oleg Mingalev studied methods of Andrei Tarkovsky during the filming of his «Stalker» at the shooting area of Mosfilm.
4. Since 1978 he joined the Moscow avant-garde poetry. Meeting and friendship with poets Alexei Parschikov, Yuri Proskuryakov, Alexander Eremenko, Ivan Zhdanov and others. Poetical performances.
5. 1978 — acquaintance, friendship and joint experimental work with artists Alexei Tegin and Sergei Sherstyukov.
6. 1980 — meeting and friendship with a film director Rustam Handamov and a screenwriter and writer Tonino Guerra.
7. At the end of the 70s Oleg Mingalev began to develop a cycle of poetry, as well as he created scenarios of happenings on the subject of the Moscow subway under the title «Mysteries».
8. 1980 — action of «dualizm» during the performance of young poets in Central House of Writers.
9. 1982 — the creation of a series of dualistic paintings as a demonstration of the latest dualistic method in the art.
10. 1982 — Taking part at the Khlebnikov memorial meeting in the Institute of Architecture.
11. 1983 — meeting with the filmmaker Sergei Parajanov.
12. 1983−1984 — poetical solo performances in Tbilisi, organized by Sergei Parajanov.
13. 1985 — journey to the Pamirs in connection with linguistic, mythological and ethnographic research in the context of the work at the book «The Mysteries."
14. 1985 — he successfully defended his diploma thesis «Mystery» in the Literary Institute, the poetical study group of Mikhailov. Reviewers: leading specialists in the field of contemporary literature — Dzhimbinov and Gusev.
15. 1985 — publication of the Art of Mystery manifesto and fragments from poems by Oleg Mingalev in «Literary Study «1986, № 4.
16. 1985 -1986 — work with the art group «Kindergarten» in Khokhlovsky lane, Moscow.
17. 1987 — Participation in the All-Union art exhibition «Youth of the country», held in Manege. Presentation of the mystery «Postradiatsiya» in Manege.
18. 1987 — participation at the exhibition of Russian and Soviet book graphics, held in Krakow and Warsaw. The book «ABCD» by Oleg Mingalev was presented with the graphic works of Mayakovsky, Khlebnikov, Miturich, Kabakov, Tokmakova.
19. 1987 — participation at the exhibition and auction «Labyrinth» in the Youth House. The travel of this exhibition to Hamburg.
20. 1988 — participation at the exhibition «Eidos».
Demonstration of the «posters» by Oleg Mingalev (in the spirit of social art and neofuturizm; these areas in the late 70's were developed by the author as a form of poetic avant-garde)
25. 1988 -1989 — worked at the Music Center (Moscow) at the production of his mystery «FATUMLABEFACTUM» together with American guitarist Frank Zappa.
26. 1989 — there was the joint performance with the writer Sasha Sokolov (who came from Canada) in the workshop by Oleg Mingalev in 7th Rostov lane. It was shown on national television with the declaration of the ways of development of Russian culture, Moscow.
27. 1989 — moving abroad to France and Great Britain.
28. 1989 Avant-gardist exhibition, Christine Callas Gallery, Paris
29. 1989 — a personal exhibition in London, Soho, «BIRCH & CONRAN» gallery.
30. 1989 -1990 — worked at BBC, Russian service, BUSHHOUSE. Radiobroadcast s about the culture.
31. 1990 — participation at the exhibition of Slavic art in White Hall Palace, London
32. 1990 — exhibition «Mythological series» in Hide Park Gallery, London.
1990 Exhibition «Russia. The New Opposition» in the Westminster Cathedral Conference Centre, London
34. 1990 — participation in the auction «Phillips» — «Russian Art».
35. 1991 — personal exhibition on the subject of «Dualism» at the Mall Gallery at the Buckingham Palace.
36. 1992 — personal exhibition at the Ukrainian university in Holland Park Road, London, and others. The name of Oleg Mingalev was entered on a list of the British Encyclopedia of Arts «Who's who in Art» (1991), and into the Italian «Annuario» (1995).
37. 1991 — 1995 — worked as a lecturer on modern literature and art in London and the University of Milan.
38. 1993 — by invitation of the Russian Ministry of Culture O. Mingalev took part with his own performance in the International Festival of
Theaters, Pushkin (Tsarskoye Selo). There was his poetry concert at the Museum of Mayakovsky, Moscow.
39. 1995 — Personal exhibition at the club «Niels», Paris; the assistance in the organizing this exhibition fulfilled French artist of Ukrainian origin — Anton Solomukha.
40. The Hague, 1996
41. 1997 — Exhibition- Festival of the mysterial art (painting, mysterial art, theater), National History Museum, Poltava, Ukraine.
42. 1998 — Presentation of Poetry Theatre by Oleg Mingalev «Requiem for huperrealist» at the Museum of Mayakovsky with Sergei Geta and German Vinogradov, Moscow.
43. 1997 — 1998 — the beginning of the work in the spirit of «ETHNOMODERN» in Poltava.
44. 2000 — a work on the cycle of paintings of the «etnnic» series was completed.
45. 2002 — personal exhibition «27 years of experience in the global avant garde» and theatrical show at the Museum of Fine Arts, Poltava.
46. 2002 — inviting by the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art (Chicago, USA).
47. 2003−2004 — the work in France on the script. Shooting the documentary film about the Queen Anne Yaroslavna.
48. 2003 — in the body of works Oleg Mingalev offers to Viktor Yushchenko a project to create the exhibition complex «Art Arsenal».
49. 2004 — experimental work in the field of movies based on «All-Ukrainian studios». Entry into the Guild of Film Directors of Ukraine.
50. 2004 — participated in the meetings (with the political scientists, economists and culture experts) of the Ukrainian club in Kiev that fulfilled monitoring the events around the election campaign in Ukraine, repeated radio messages and appearances on television.
51. 2005 — President of Ukraine opened the monument of Anna Yaroslavna, Queen of France — in Senlis according to the idea (script) of Oleg Mingalev and Michel Laskin.
52. 2005 — June, July — work on a series of portraits in the Windsor Castle, UK.
53. 2004−2005 — work on the book «The Mysteries.»
54. 2005 September — was invited by the Moscow gallery «Artfabrika» to organize an exhibition of paintings from the series «Ukrainian mysteries.»
55. 2006 — Windsor, United Kingdom. Work on the graphic and picturesque group portraits.
56. 2006 — proposed the establishment of Poltava Organizing Committee «Battle of Poltava-300» by the City Council.
57. 2007 — Work on the general scenario of action dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the Battle of Poltava.
58. 2007 — Work on the documentary «The tunnels of history.»
59. 2008 ¬- work on the documentary «On the wings of memory.»
60. 2008 — by the Regional Council (ODA) proposed the establishment of Gogol Prize.
61. 2009 — Kiev art gallery «Tadzio» at auction of the collection of paintings and graphics XX—XXI centuries presented a picture by Oleg Mingalev «Mystery of political meanings," in which were presented the comic and Dadaist Ukrainian and Russian political circles.
62. 2009 — the work on the canvas «Gogol flying through time» dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the birth of a fellow countryman. Manifestation of neo-gothic style on the background of the Republican exhibition devoted to Gogol at the Poltava Art Gallery.
63. 2009 — worked as an author and curator of the international exhibition «Art instead of guns» at the Poltava Art Gallery.
64. 2009 — Participation in Gogolfest (International Festival of the Art). There were exhibited three large canvases «Mavky"(also known as «The Almamother of all Indoeuropeans «)," Mavka. Awakening «and «Gogoliana (Gogol flies through time)». Master — class of the method of the Art of Mysteries was given to the audience by the author. Manifesto of metaphysical realism (dualism) was enunciated by Oleg Mingalev at the «Art Arsenal», Kiev.
65. 2009 — Personal exhibition «35 paintings.» Cultural and educational center «Master Class.» Kiev.
66. 2010 — Exhibition «Dualism», Kharkov, gallery «On Pletnevskom»
67. 2010 — creation of dramas «Munch», «Romeo and Julia- 2 nd», «Indigo».
68. 2010 — a mystery-drama by Oleg Mingalev «Munch» was published in the magazine «Berezil», Kharkov.
69. 2010 — a founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Whales, put name of Oleg Mingalev, reproductions of his paintings and films about the artist
and his paintings online on http://wn.com/Neo-impressionism near other names such as Seurat and Van Gogh.
70. 2010 — creation of the series of paintings «Synergy».
71. 2011 — Creation of the canvas «Quantum transition»

72. 2012 — placing the main quantity of the original author’s texts (drama, poetry, short stories, essays and memoirs) online on http://www.proza.ru/avtor/kuahol и http://stihi.ru/avtor/kuahol
73. 2012, France — work on the drama, «He who is silent»
74. 2012, Ukraine, Poltava Museum of Art, solo exhibition of paintings «The ABCs of styles»
75. 2013 Ukraine, Poltava — played the role of Stalin in the opera «Antiformalistical Rayok» by Dmitri Shostakovich, director Alexei Kolomiytsev.
76. 2013 Ukraine, Poltava — the creation of the theater «The Poet» (Poltava online Experimental Theatre).
77. 2014 — was finished «Manifesto of Narrativism». An idea of its creation and some pictures came into existence in 1993.
78. 2014 — were created some canvasin this style: «Zen for one day only. Crimean saga», «Saga of Kiev», «Golden dust of times. Infantile paradoxes of the Grandeur"
79. Mob. tel. + 380999541614
80. E-mail: omingalev@rambler.ru
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Theorist, creator and developer of the post-modern trends in art: Social Art (1979), Dualism (1982), Art of Mysteries (1985), Neofuturism (1986), Video Poetry (

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"Черты новой нарративности объективного или магического искусства рассмотрим в картине Олега Мингалева «Золотая пыль Времени. Инфантильные парадоксы величия », созданной автором в 2014 году.
Картина является как бы алфавитом аналогий. Ей присуща своя метафизическая реальность, своё Зазеркалье (изображение Жёлудей зеркально, подобно Анти-Миру в центре картины, по сути мизансцене Магического Театра). Она имеет свою собственную систему координат и ценностей. Теневой трансцендентный мир так же подлинен, как изнанка вещи и так же зыбок и непрочен, как тень (Тени Дуба и Вервия). Любая отдельная реалия не может существовать без своей трансцендентной основы, архетипа (вспомним мир идей Платона). Мы все играем в реальность, произвольно выстраивая свой мир, поддерживая его или разрушая. В картине задействованы элементы, которые поддерживают «Я-Образ» человека (по Юнгу), проведены параллели между играми детскими и взрослыми. Образы в состоянии алхимического творения, трансформаций. Творимые ими новые реалии подобны явленным зримо потокам энергий, о которых мы ранее не подозревали." Олег Мингалев, "Манифест Нарративизма"

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What is Narrativism? The spirit of modern motive power of N is a revolt against the dominance of utilitarianism, urbanization and totalitarianism, naked functionalism, simplification of human relations, nullifying the value of individuality, the dominance of the materialist doctrine in all spheres of being, consumerism. We are romantics nowadays, we shake hands of geniuses of the Renaissance. We take the example from all daredevil experimentalists of different times and nations, knights of modern times. Narrativism is not the ultimate truth, but it is a constant movement and the search for the truth of things.
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