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born in 1976 •
The artist was born in Belarus.Vitebsk gave the database and start.Applied skills and experiments in the process gave birth to the author's technique, where the installations are the screws and stretched them to the thread. The technique was born in 2010 and to this day is Central to the work of the author,developing and transforming . Permanent teaching and learning of children and adults popularitywith this type of creativity, giving everyone to try and learn - the artist shares what he knows . Images in the works of Ruslan may be as abstractions, and portraits, scenes from different images and characters. Work in different directions is evident in the restraint and the skill of the author.
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    Автор техники,используемой в своих произведениях , рожденной в экспериментах и поисках. Средствами выражения являются шурупы и нить..абстракция и реализм
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