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born in 1946

Born in 1946 near Tashkent. In 1969 he graduated from the Simferopol Art School. In 1969-76 he taught drawing at the Art School of Vinnitsa (Ukraine). In 1977-89 he taught painting in Moscow. Karafyolov designed sketches of scenery and costumes for performances at the Taganka Theater (Moscow), the Theater for them. Komissarzhevskaya (Novochersk), Merlin-Theater (Budapest) and others. In 1990 he repatriated to Israel. In 1992 he became the winner of the contest "Ish Shalom" (Jerusalem). Karafyolov - a member of the International Art Association of UNESCO His works are presented in the Gallery of Modern Art (Moscow), Raad Gallery (London, Berlin), Gusfield-Gilmer Gallery (Chicago), Urban Gallery (Paris, Nice). They can also be seen in private collections in Belgium, Britain, France, Germany, Holland, Israel, Russia, Spain and the United States. Boris Karafelov lives and works in Maale Adumim.

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