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Tatyana Kalina
Moscow born in 1982 artist
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Biography and information

I am Tatyana.
And I am an artist.
I draw in many techniques. The last few years specialize in painting in China and Japan.

I am a member of the union of artists.
My paintings participated in two dozen exhibitions. The most significant were in the Chinese Embassy and in the Central House of Artists on Krymsky Val.
In June 2018 I had my first solo exhibition,
in march 2019 the second.

I have two higher, one artistic, and the second financial.
I know the mix is explosive! 🤣
I built a career in civil service and in corporations.

But three years ago what happened happened: I fulfilled my childhood dream — I opened a drawing studio.
I began not only to draw myself, but also to share what I can do.

Most of my students draw their own, participate in exhibitions, sell paintings.
Four female students teach Chinese painting.
My students are my pride!

Now I give lessons in the studio and in the online school.
Helping to fulfill the dream — to draw.
Draw at any age and with any abilities.

All my lessons are super-useful for beginners, because in them I reveal the essence of drawing, but I do not propose to repeat after me mindlessly.

I show and explain in simple words the techniques and techniques of drawing that you will use for any painting.

Together we build the foundation of your skills so that you can create further yourself when you want.

And now the unofficial part! 😋

More than anything, I love my family.
I also love cats, traveling to China, books, cheese and tomatoes!

Previously, she loved to drive a car.
But this is in the past.

Now for me a big buzz to sit in the passenger seat and look out the window or check home from online courses! 😉
Here is such a story.

I’m glad you looked

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