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born in 1995 •
Starting from the 3rd year of the university, I exhibit my creative work at exhibitions.
“Region 70” (2017);
Tomsk Youth Plein Air 2018 (second-degree diploma in the category of painting; 2019, first-degree diploma in the category of painting);
AZ.ART 2019 (Barnaul) incentive diploma;
Young Siberia 2019 (Krasnoyarsk);
Since 2018, I have been a member of the "Tomsk City" Youth Creative Association. Mentor is Nikolai Nikolaevich Vagin. The work of the association at the moment is aimed at a series of works about Tomsk. One of the distinguishing features of the series is the image of the city, not in its full appearance, but in the unique architectural buildings that are often found on the city streets, preserving their historical appearance, not knowing the hands of the master of modern restoration
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