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Moscow and Moscow Oblast 
born in 1973 •
Biography and information
Born in 1973 in the city of Tchaikovsky, Perm Region. In the 1990s she worked in the workshop of folk crafts, specializing in art painting. In 2004 she moved to Moscow. She received a higher economic education here, but the desire for creative activity led me to the Moscow State Academy of Arts and Industry. V.I. Surikov, where I received an additional professional education, and on the basis of my studies in 2017 I defended my diploma in the painting program.

Life, the world is constantly changing, but in this variability there are eternal meanings. In our daily life it is impossible to remember this all the time, but there are times when you just feel it. I always wanted to express this feeling. Painting is one of the wonderful possibilities of spiritual mastering the world.

My works live in different cities of Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Ufa, Kaliningrad, Kazan, etc. Some have left for other countries: Israel, Switzerland, Greece, Ireland, Canada, China.

Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia (TSHR) since 2017 and the Eurasian Union of Artists since 2019.

Participation in exhibitions and art projects:
• International Art Exhibition "City and Man", Larnaca, Republic of Cyprus —2018 Organizer: the Painting section of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia.
• The exhibition "In the space of sunlight" Moscow, Central House of Artists. Organizer: the Painting section of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia. 2018
• XXV International exhibition-competition of contemporary art "Russian Art Week", Moscow, Congress Hall "Danilovsky" - 2018: winner of the classical painting competition in the nomination "Synthesis of genres", the category "professional" - 1 place for the work " A boy with a dog. "
• International Project "Russian Art Award", Moscow, Danilovsky Congress Hall — 2018, participant.
• All-Russian contest "Talent of Russia": laureate of the "Competition of modern graphics", nomination "still life" - 1st place for the work "Still life with a sprig of cotton", 2018
• Exhibition "The fascination of winter days". Organizer: the Painting section of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia. Moscow, Central House of Artists. December 2018 — January 2019.
• The works "A Dream about the Red Planet" and "Dynamo No. 2" are placed in the art encyclopedia of the interregional research project "Red Gate / Against the Current" for 2018.
• American Virtual Art Gallery Colors of Humanity Art Gallery chose the painting "Boy with a Dog" for the best work ("Best of Show") for February 2019. A cash prize was awarded. Contest page:
• International exhibition-competition of contemporary art "MODERN AVANGARD", Moscow, Congress Hall "Danilovsky", 2019. First place for the work "Concert № 1".
• Exhibition "Russian soul through paintings by Russian artists" as part of ART WEEKS in FRANCE / Art Week in France, Moliere Gallery, Miramas, France. Organizers: Eurasian Art Union and "GALERIE DES MOLIERES" (Molière Gallery), Miramas (Bouches-du-Rhone department), Cote d’Azur, France. 2019.
• International Art Exhibition "Banana Sundae" in the House-Museum of Marina Tsvetaeva. Organizer: Gallery "Arbat" with the support of the "International Center of Arts Andrei Nekrasov." 2019, Moscow.
• Personal exhibition "Through Paints for Life" in the Museum and Exhibition Complex of the Pavlovsk Center for Culture, Cinema and Leisure. May 12 — 30, 2019, St. Petersburg, Pavlovsk.
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Tatyana Chepkasova. Through hardship to the stars
Through hardship to the stars
Tatyana Chepkasova
2018-2018, 70×50 cm
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Tatyana Chepkasova. Pink phlox
Pink phlox
Tatyana Chepkasova
2018-2018, 60×50 cm
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Tatyana Chepkasova. Lilac
25,000.00 ₽
2018, 70×80 cm
Tatyana Chepkasova. Summer garden
35,000.00 ₽
Summer garden
2018, 600×800 cm
Tatyana Chepkasova. Still life with dried flowers
30,000.00 ₽
Still life with dried flowers
2017, 100×90 cm
Tatyana Chepkasova. Jasmine
15,000.00 ₽
2018, 50×60 cm
Tatyana Chepkasova. Hryunya on a walk
12,000.00 ₽
Hryunya on a walk
2017, 45×50 cm
Tatyana Chepkasova. Evening road
9,000.00 ₽
Evening road
35×45 cm
Tatyana Chepkasova. Still life with tulips
9,000.00 ₽
Still life with tulips
2018, 45×35 cm
Tatyana Chepkasova. Care in the summer
25,000.00 ₽
Care in the summer
2018, 70×80 cm
Tatyana Chepkasova. Girl by the window
Girl by the window
2019, 70×60 cm
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