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Alexandr Kosulin
born in 1965 artist
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«To paint a light of the world»
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A year-long training in classical painting and restoration have coined this artist. For many years he has delved into the works of the great masters of painting, studying their techniques and learned to implement it themselves. Because of this wide repertoire he draws today in his work, which includes both classic, realistic motifs and abstract representations. In all his works, however, be observed throughout a style of its own, and the use of bold colors. Born in the Ukraine and now lives and works in Vienna, where he is employed in addition to his own works of art with the restoration or copying ancient paintings and objets d'art. He has come to the native to Russia and Ukraine, icon painting a special relationship. He is one of the few artists in Central Europe, which can perform the restoration of this ancient art professionally ...

To paint a lite of the world
To paint a light of the world
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