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born in 1955 •
Alex Goncharenko is a Russian artist. Was born on July 27, 1955 in St-Petersburg, Russia, and currently lives in Moscow, Russia.
The name of the style in which the author works – "Techno-pangeometry" (his own term) — refers to the theory of parallel lines by N. I. Lobachevsky. Graphic works of the artist in style and manner of execution are close to the aesthetics of the avant-garde.

Alex’ works are exhibited in private and public collections including galleries and museums of Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Hungary, Poland, and Russia.
instagram:  alex.goncharenko
facebook:  @AlexGoncharenkoART

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    КОНЦЕПЦИЯ: Мысли об искусстве приводят меня к идее центра, моей точке отсчета эмоций и их творческих истоков. Из этой точки я создаю голую конструкцию, которая немедленно требует от меня цвета как внешней проекции её внутренних состояний. Она, словно опытная модель, сама подсказывает свои предпочтения и не отпускает до полного равновесия, неотделимого от гармонии художественного свидетельства. CONCEPT. Views on art lead me to the idea of the center, my point of emotion reference and its creative backgrounds. From this point I create a bare structure, which immediately involves me into a color as an external projection of its internal states. It’s like an experimental model, it suggests preferences and doesn’t let go until we find an equilibrium, inseparable from the harmony of artistic testimony. See at
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