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Stella Tumasova
San Francisco, United States collector, art dealer
Original   Auto-Translated
Who has seen - will understand who has not seen - believe me. San Francisco is the western capital of the United States. The most beautiful city in the world. This stratum of culture has been created by a multinational army of immigrants from all over the world. About one of them today. Look into the ever-open window overlooking the Gulf of California, here lives one of the representatives of the modern image of California art. Artist Sergei Konstantinov spent his childhood in the small town of Zhmerynka. These years were remembered by a fun-iridescent palette of existence and historical monuments, which was and is at every turn. Rare trips to the capital were bright and desirable. Lavra, Sofia, museums and especially memorable exhibition of Fayum portraits, which came out of the hands of restorers and were put on display. All this is created by people! Miracles! I want to work wonders. - says the child to the father.
After many years on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, Sergei will remember all the way from an enthusiastic lad to a famous, respected world-class art worker.
Dad heard the child, the boy enters and successfully finishes the Vizhnitsky Applied School, the department of art. wood processing. This knowledge base is enough to enter the Lviv Academy of Arts, where he studies the ceramic business. In those days, Lviv was a major cultural center. Particularly flourished depoliticized applied arts, such as blacksmith, thin. glass, ceramics, carving. In the institute years, an outstanding Lviv prisoner Boris Voznitsky influences Sergei, he created an art museum, restored the Olesko castle. Awesome performance and vision of the goals of a great man causes sincere respect. The young man understands that the heritage must not only love but also protect. Sergey will choose this path as fundamental, but it will be later.
And now the distribution is hot in its own charming, but unfamiliar Azerbaijan. The art fund rarely meets newbies with open arms, but everything is somehow settled, and the family grows.
Routine orders, no exhibitions depress young eccentric artists. The decision is not easy - the family moves to San Francisco. Fearfully. Everything is new, different and of course the language. But that indescribable delight with which Sergey works at this time becomes a visiting card as a consequence. The work of the restorer becomes the basis of its existence Over the past 20 years, an amazing number of works of art have been restored. Sergey Konstantinov's studio becomes one of the leading in Northern California.
Sergei does not leave painting for a minute for many years. The style, the object of his art, varies from subject to non-objective color compositions of puppy delight. I will not bother the list of galleries and museums in which there are works of the artist. Just want to introduce him. Looking to the future - Sergey Konstantinov. Try to love.
This text was originally published in Russian and automatically translated to English.
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