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  • Costume design Marquis Light for the ballet "Armida's Pavilion"
  • "Tony on the Neva St. Petersburg"
  • The sketch for the ballet by I. Stravinsky "Petrushka"
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  • Versailles. East cascade
  • The River Thames
  • Versailles Park
Collecting Andrey Shamota
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  • Again deuce
  • Bullfight
  • Future pilots
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  • The frontispiece to the poem of A. S. Pushkin "the bronze Horseman"
  • Madonna with singing angels,
Alexander Benois
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  • Toward evening, new York, winter
  • Landscape with two figures
  • Memory of the Garden at Etten
Brown hues
Collecting Ubai Kamal
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  • Alexander I. Panels for the hall of officers ' life guards regiment of Finland in St. Petersburg
  • Morning. Depicted Evstafevna Yulia Kustodieva, the artist's wife with son, my firstborn Cyril
  • Church parade of the life guards regiment of Finland December 12, 1905
The Association "World of art"
Collecting Tatyana Yurakova
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  • February azure
  • Group portrait of the artists society "World of art". The sketch of the unfinished painting
  • Carnival
"World of art"
Collecting Arina Rod
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  • Among mills. The sketch for the ballet by L. Minkus "don Quixote"
  • The Polovtsian camp. Design for Borodin's Opera "Prince Igor"
  • Tristan and Isolde
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  • "Autumn"
  • Spiral
  • The Golden age
Style: 25 Modern
Collecting Open
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  • The seller of balloons
  • Illustration for poem by A. S. Pushkin "the bronze horseman". "Around the foot of the lunatic poor spared...""
  • In the German quarter. Departure of Tsar Peter I of the house Lefort
Alexander Benois
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  • The frontispiece to the poem of A. S. Pushkin "the bronze Horseman"
  • Oranienbaum
  • The gaming house. Illustration for "the Queen of spades" by Pushkin
Alexander Benois
Collecting Oleg Belov
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  • Still life with books
  • Window poet
  • Still life with books and candle
On the other side
Collecting Vadim Spiryaev
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  • Pushkin Karl Briullov
  • Portrait Of A. S. Pushkin. Etude
  • Portrait Of A. S. Pushkin. Sketch
Collecting Olga Gerasimova
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