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Exhibition November 4, 2020 − January 31

Soviet Union. Archeology of everyday life

Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art presents an art project "Soviet Union. Archeology of Everyday Life ", in which a collective image of measured late Soviet life is formed from the personal feelings and memories of the authors.

Petersburg artists took part in the project: Vasily Golubev, Ilya Gaponov, Alla Davydova, Georgy (Gaga) Kovenchuk (1933–2015), Alexander Kosenkov, Vadim Leukhin, Valery Lukka, Alexandra Ovchinnikova, Natalia Rumyantseva, Andrey Semenov, Natalia Shchegalya Shalina, Anna , Vladimir Shinkarev, Alexander Dashevsky, Anatoly Zaslavsky - as well as Ivan Korshunov, Alexey Lantsev, Konstantin Sutyagin, Pavel Tyryshkin (Moscow), Alexander Grekov (Perm), Artem Starodubtsev (Petrozavodsk), Nikolay Korotkov (Barnaul), Vladimir Fateev (Novosibirsk) , Galina Haylu (Krasnodar) and others.

The exhibition in Erarta is dedicated to the last, relatively prosperous decades of the existence of the Soviet Union - the poetics of everyday life in the 70s - 80s of the XX century. This project is not about the USSR as a state, not about socialism as a system - it is about the life and feelings of people of that time. The approach to the topic is not political, but rather archaeological, memoir. Most of the works presented in the exhibition were created already in our time: these are memories, reconstructions, reflections on the past, influenced by various factors.

Based on the official website Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art.