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Exhibition April 3 − August 21

Andy Warhol: Revelation

Exhibition "Andy Warhol: Revelation"- the first exhibition, which comprehensively explores the complex Catholic faith of the pop artist in connection with his work.

Christian motifs often appear in both explicit and metaphorical forms throughout Andy Warhol's work. While his monumental crosses and images of Christ directly refer to biblical stories, this exhibition will also present his encoded images of spirituality, such as the unfinished film with the image of the setting sun, originally commissioned by the de Menile family and funded by the Roman Catholic Church.

Throughout his life as a pop artist, Warhol retained some of his Catholic practices when his peers distanced themselves from their religious traditions. However, his relationship with Catholicism was far from simple. As a strange man, Warhol may have experienced feelings of guilt and fear of the Catholic Church, which prevented him from fully engaging in faith. However, he used various media to explore this tension through his art.

From iconic portraits of celebrities to relevant masterpieces of the Renaissance, Warhol flirted with styles and symbols from the history of Eastern and Western Catholic art, carefully paraphrasing them in the context of pop. Through this process, the artist raised the kitsch and worldly images from the media and turned them into sacred high art.