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painter and engraver is considered one of the great masters of Argentine art, his full name was Lino Claro Honorio Enea Spilimbergo.

During his trip to Italy with his family, he suffers from pneumonia that leaves him with sequelae and will become asthma. He returned to Buenos Aires in 1902. He began his primary and artistic studies in this city.
From 1910 he began to work to maintain himself, he was a cadet and a telephone operator, in 1912 he joined the National Post and Telegraph Company, since he will continue in parallel with his work as an artist until 1924, this work in the mail was considered extremely enslaving by the artist.
In 1917 he received the National Drawing Professor of the National Academy of Fine Arts, an entity in which he was later appointed number member; 1 among his teachers are artists such as Pío Collivadino, Ernesto de la Cárcova and Carlos Pablo Ripamonte. In September of the same year his father dies.
At the age of 22, he started writing his autobiography. His rigor in the study and at work leads him to provide himself with schedules for meals, naps and breaks, thus organizing the time he dedicates to art.
Being a chronic asthmatic, doctors advise him to move to a place with a dry climate, the company arranges for him to transfer to Desamparados, San Juan province, there he makes his first individual exhibition, lives there from 1921 to 1924, the year in which he renounces his job.


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