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Ivanovich Surin

Yuri Surin - a graduate of the Saratov Art College. Famous Saratov painters became his teachers: Rifad Batarshin, Vladimir Konyagin, Ruslan Lavrinenko, Vladimir Belonovich, Valentin Uspensky.
The artist worked in Tver, then in Turkmenistan, where he enriched his talent with the brightness and richness of oriental flavor. A brave and strong colorist by nature, he established himself in the ability to saturate his works with solar colors, to breathe life and light into them. Leaving in a decorative manner of writing, he created a unique world - the world of works by Yuri Surin. It is understandable and close to any viewer. The plots of his compositions are simple, but at the same time they are as immutable as old truths - love for loved ones, a reverent attitude towards our smaller brothers, respect for any nature, all this accompanies the artist’s work.
Yu. Surin died in 2008. By this time he was an artist in demand among specialists and collectors, had and still has an influence on Saratov art. Leaving, he left us a rich legacy, to get acquainted with which will always be interesting
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