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Georgievich Bosko

Boris Georgievich Bosko is one of the most respected teachers of the Altai Territory, a painter and graphic artist. His works are in museums in Aleisk, Kurya, Barnaul, as well as in private collections in Finland and Japan.
Bosko came to Altai in 1974 after graduating from the Far Eastern Institute of Arts, and his life for many years was inextricably linked with the New Altai Art College. Wife, Nadezhda Kuzminichna - graduate of the school, the heroes of his work are students of the school, best friends A.P. Botev and N.M. Smirnov - teachers of the school. For almost 40 years, Boris Georgievich taught drawing, painting, composition, twice was the director of the National State Art University. In the first period of his directorship from 1988 to 1991, Boris Georgievich wrote several boxes of gypsum figures from St. Petersburg, which still form the basis of the still-life fund. In the second (2000-2004), on his initiative, in 2002, the Children's Art School was opened at the National State Art University, which made it possible to build a continuous system of art education in Altai. In 2006, the first graduation was made at the Children's Art School at NGHU. Annually, more than half of the graduates of the Children's Art School at the National State Art University become students of the school.
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