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Alekseevna Ovcharenko
Saint Petersburg, Russia 
born in 1983 •
Biography and information
I was born in 1983 in the city of Leningrad. From the age of 6 I went to school, at about the same age my mother enrolled me in an iso-studio, where I was engaged in painting for 3 years. Then, at the age of 10, I moved from an art studio to an art school in St. Petersburg, where I continued to learn drawing, painting and sculpture. But …, unfortunately, I could not finish my studies for one year in it — the last one, I quit classes with all kinds of paints and clay. Perhaps because, the prevalence of laziness for that period accounted for more than the craving for art.
At 20, I met a man, about a year later, approximately, we got married. The first child was born, I devoted myself to the child and husband. Then, after 3, 5 years my son was born, and after another 3, 5 years a daughter was born. All this time I sat with the children and earned a little bit, trying to help my family financially.
Starting at the age of thirty, I realized that 10 years of my life passed like one day of a groundhog. During this period I returned to art, quietly sometimes, I drew something with a pencil. And after a divorce from my husband, I more and more often began to paint portraits, images of animals, city sights in pencil, pastels.
I liked to devote myself to art, beautiful work. I love admiring glances and praise. I do not deny healthy criticism either.
Recently, I went to painting and mural courses at the Palmira-Art studio in St. Petersburg. At the moment, there is a collection of works made by acrylic, oil, in pencil. And now I am painting the walls in the nursery. There are several colors of acrylic in my arsenal, I am improving in art and I am happy!)
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Julia Alekseevna Ovcharenko. Portrait of son
Julia Alekseevna Ovcharenko. Zebra
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Julia Alekseevna Ovcharenko. Thumbnails / Outline
Thumbnails / Outline
Julia Alekseevna Ovcharenko
40×30 cm
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