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Ivanovich Polukhin
born in 1956 •
Biography and information
In 1980 he passed the most severe selection and was accepted into the studio of young cartoonists at the all-Union journal of political satire and humor "Crocodile". I learned the secrets of mastery, studied with the great graphs of KukryNiks, Kanevsky, Soyfertis, Ogorodnikov, Semenov and many, many others, for five years. The prestige and level of training in the "Crocodile" can not be overemphasized. Learning from the masters of this class was a rare happiness. In 1982 he entered the VZPI them. Krupskaya. In 1985, he left him with great relief, as a routine institution, which did not give me anything new or useful. The first work was published in the magazine "Crocodile" in 1981. Cooperated with the magazine until the end of the 90s. Before the collapse of the USSR, he managed to make ten filmstrips in the studio "Filmstrip". For a long time he collaborated with the publishing house "Enlightenment", as well as "Children's Literature" and many other children’s publishing houses and magazines. From 1992 to 1997 collaborated with the "Legal Gazette". Experience creative work for nearly forty years.
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About me
Художник Советского журнала "Крокодил". Иллюстратор.

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