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Светлана Чепко
Korolev born in 1976 artist
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Biography and information
My name is Svetlana Chepko, and I’m a professional artist based in Moscow. I create most of my works with oil paints and a palette knife, and I like to keep things a bit abstract. My main sources of inspiration are my creative spirit and children, and I like to express my thoughts and feelings on canvas. My paintings are full of flowers, as they nurture the soul and make the heart kinder and gentler. My paintings have been exhibited at various competitions both in Russia and abroad. My works are held in private and museum collections in Russia, France, Japan, and Australia. My short biography. I was born on February 4, 1976 in the city of Ramenskoye, Moscow Region. Since 1993, a member of the experimental association of artists "Medvedkovo" In 1998 she graduated from the icon painting courses in the icon-painting workshop at church of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Moscow. A student of the famous Moscow artist Drobitsky, E.N. Since 1999, member of the regional public organization of artists Rodniki, member of the Center for Constructive Culture "Sozvezdie", Member of the Creative Union Artists of Russia and the International Federation of Artists, Graduated from the Gzhel State University (GSU) in 2015 year.
The main exhibitions:
— "Soviet-French" exhibition dedicated to the Day
cosmonautics in Kaliningrad
— "To the whole world light" Central Exhibition Hall
Manege, Moscow
— "Slavic course" Column Hall Moscow
— "Russian-Japanese" exhibition in Moscow
— Exhibition dedicated to the Day of Astronautics. Russian
Academy of Sciences, Moscow
— Personal exhibition. "Hot batik" historical and local history museum in Kaliningrad
— "Golden Brush-93" Central Lenin Museum, Moscow
— Personal exhibition in the museum of local lore
— Festival of Youth Creativity "Under the Banner of Peace"
International Association "World through Culture", Moscow
— Personal exhibition "Painting, batik", Jubilee
"We will know each other." Exhibition Hall Zelenograd MO
— Personal exhibition Mr. Yubileyny M.O.
— "Close and dear". Inkor Gallery, Moscow
— Medvedkovo-98. Exhibition Hall "Vykhino" Moscow
— Personal exhibition Mr. Yubileyny M.O.
"Step into the 21st Century." Exhibition Hall "Vykhino" Moscow
— "Christmas 2000". Exhibition Hall "Vykhino" Moscow
— "World of Art". Exhibition Hall "Pechatniki", Moscow
year 2000
— "Easter Week". Exhibition Hall "Vykhino"
— "Spring Exhibition". Gogol Boulevard 10, Moscow
— Personal exhibition. Painting. Showroom
Pechatniki, Moscow
— Personal exhibition. Painting. Yubileyny M.O.
year 2001
— "Easter exhibition". Exhibition Hall "Vykhino"
Moscow2002 year
— Christmas exhibition. Exhibition Hall "Vykhino"
— Personal exhibition. "Dance of Flora". Painting.
Exhibition Hall "Vykhino" Moscow
— "The Colorist Explosion" by TSHR Mr. Sergiev Passad MO
— Personal exhibition. Painting. Yubileyny M.O.
2008 year
— festival school № 38, Murmansk
2010 year
— "Youth, Science, Culture", Moscow
— "Science, creativity, space" Mr. Gzhel MO
— "Russian Week of Arts". International Exhibition
contemporary art Moscow,
— "Days of Slavic Art in Berlin", Berlin
year 2012
— "Student's palette", Moscow
— "Artistic ceramics". International Festival Mr. Gzhel M.O.
2017 year
— "The Edge of Creativity", Museum "Garden Ring", Moscow, 2017.
2018 year
— Personal exhibition in the cafe "Carne Vino", from 17/08/2018 to the present Less
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Светлана Чепко. Emirates
Светлана Чепко
2006-2006, 100×80 cm
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Светлана Чепко. Emirates
2006, 100×80 cm
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