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Yevgeny Valyuk
Biography and information
Eugene Valyuk works with the theme of post-Soviet reality in various media from kinetic art and installation to sculpture, painting and collage, actions and performances. He constantly experiments in search of new techniques and forms of creating and presenting art, adhering to the values of conceptualism and the post of conceptualism.

He was born in Odessa, Ukraine, from 2008 he studied at OGHU them. Grekov, at the same time constantly visited the workshop of Igor Gusev, which influenced the artist, forming his worldview. From 2012 to 2018, he studied at the MZHHK at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture. The best artist of Ukraine according to Art-Battle 2018.

Since 2016, a member of the art group "HZ". As part of which was implemented many projects. Among the selected projects: "Sweet Sergey" Garage (2015) Kiev; "Movable immovable", "Ceremonial portrait" White Light (2018) Kiev; "Mayonnaise in cosmetology and alternative medicine", "Srachart Art Project", "Infantilismus", "Apartment where xz" and "Hlebzawod Art Prize" CSI "Khlebzavod" (2018) Kiev; "Project Battle of sense or Address of Capacity" Metro Kontraktovaya (2018) Kiev; "House Hooke" Fisherman’s Bridge (2018) Kiev; together with Ute Kilter "Action Sobranie. Russian black" Kuyalnik Liman (2018), Odessa; "Action Carefully the next stop is the hills" Schekavitsa mountain (2018) Kiev; "Cerebral Heating" Gallery Singulart (2018) Kiev. "Conversion of bread" gallery Bely svet (2019) Kiev
"Only until the glory does not say" MSIH (2019) Kherson.
The artist lives and works in Kiev.
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