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Elizaveta Ilinichna Petrishcheva
 Ilinichna Petrishcheva
born in 1999 artist
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Biography and information

I am Petrishcheva Elizaveta Ilinichna, at the moment I am a young restorer and copyist.

I was born and raised in the city of Murom. From the very young age I love to draw. In 2009 she entered the Murom Children’s Art School named after I. S. Kulikov. She graduated and entered the Suzdal Art and Restoration School in 2014.
I didn’t know where to go after school, and my mother, Vera Yurievna, helped me with this, for which I am very grateful. At the school I was helped to get acquainted with the world of art closer and instilled a love not only for Russian painting, but also for foreign masterpieces of the 10th and 20th centuries. Studying the restoration was not easy for me. The love for copying was instilled in me by Maslov Dmitry Vsevolodovich (member of the Union of Artists of Russia).
In 2018 I finished my studies. From October 2018, she began teaching at the Murom Art School named after I.S. Kulikova.

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