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Vyacheslavovich Butenko
born in 1979 •
artist, collector
Evgeny Butenko. Biography.

Born in 1979 in Chisinau.

He studied at the Faculty of Philology of the Slavic University.

He worked as a graphic artist.

The first solo exhibition - in Chisinau, in 2001, in the Art-Aorta Gallery, was called the Circle of Botticelli's Memory, where the cycle “Graphic Diary” was presented.

He wrote poetry, prose, engaged in experimental music.

He worked as a courier, security guard, guide-interpreter, loader, handyman at the factory.

In 2008 he moved to St. Petersburg.

In 2010, he moved with his family to the village of Osmino, St. Petersburg Region, where
he worked as a cattleman on a farm (he cleaned manure behind cows).

Here, in 2012, he again began to draw, write lyrics and record music as part of his musical project "Borshevik Sosnovsky"

In 2015,2016 and 2018, the works took part in the exhibition in Paris, in the framework of the international festival "OUTSIDER ART FAIR"



2016 - "LIFE TAKEN ON THE VACUUM CLEANER", "14/45" (St. Petersburg)

2016 - "THE HUNGER OF LANDSCAPE AND STILL LIFE PICTURE" "Lampa studio" (art center "Pushkinskaya 10")


2016 - "STENGAZETA FOR EARLY HEADS", gallery "DOOR" (art center on Pushkinskaya 10)

2017 - "KLIZMOGLOBUS" ("Cemetery Scrambled Eggs and Intestinal Minotaur"),
Gallery "L'Entrepot" (Principality of Monaco)

2018 - "Five-Star Art Brut" (Gallery "Pork Snout", St. Petersburg).
2018 - "KUHARKA AND BLIND" (Art-space "Ryumochnaya in Zyuzino", Moscow)

Also in 2018, he participated in the SAM FAIR 2018 Contemporary Art Fair at the Museum of Street Art (St. Petersburg), at the 7th Independent Contemporary Art Fair "ST DOGVILLBURG"
in the art space "PORT SEVKABEL" and in the project of the artistic sect "KOLHUI" (Sorcerer artists) "Chapel of Marxism", exhibited in the State Russian Museum.

Works are in private collections in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Paris, Amsterdam, in Germany, Great Britain (The Museum of Everything), in the Museum of Organic Culture of the city of Kolomna and in the USA.
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    Евгений Бутенко. Биография. Родился в 1979 году в Кишинёве. Учился на филологическом факультете Славянского университета. Работал как художник-график. Первая персональная выставка - в Кишинёве, в 2001 году, в галерее «Арт-аорта» , называлась "Круг памяти Ботичелли", где был представлен цикл "Графический дневник". Писал стихи, прозу, занимался экспериментальной музыкой. Работал курьером, охранником, гидом-переводчиком, грузчиком , разнорабочим на заводе. В 2008 году переезжает в Санкт-Петербург. В 2010 году перебирается с семьёй в посёлок Осьмино Петербургской области, где работал на ферме скотником,(убирал навоз за коровами). Здесь, в 2012 году, снова начал рисовать, писать тексты и записывать музыку в рамках своего музыкального проекта "Борщевикъ Сосновского" В 2015,2016 и 2018 году работы принимали участие на выставке в Париже, в рамках международного фестиваля "OUTSIDER ART FAIR" ИЗБРАННЫЕ ПЕРСОНАЛЬНЫЕ ВЫСТАВКИ : 2014 - "МАВЗОЛЕЙ МОЗГА И ОСВЕЖИТЕЛЬ ВОЗДУХА" , "Арт - Н
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