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artist, art dealer, gallery owner
Biography and information

Born in 1976, the city of Berezniki, Perm Region.
He graduated from the Sverdlovsk Art College. I.D. Shadra. He continued his studies at the European Academy of Arts (EAS) in Warsaw, where he became friends with Andrzej Wlodarczyk.
Participant of exhibitions in Poland, Germany, Spain, Ukraine and the USA. Works are in private collections in Europe, Asia and America. Now she is visiting and working in the USA with artist Christina Weevers.

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    Saveliy Kamskiy
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    Carrie Pierce. On view through
    Carrie Pierce. Pussface
    Ekaterina Arkadyevna Kurmakaeva. Shine
    10,000.00 ₽
    Katerina Maltseva. Series "You Can’t Paint It Up"
    Philip Cossack. Trolleybus
    Tarabara. Favorite
    MIA. Red mountain ash and tomatoes
    Alpis pani. Bouquet
    Vladimir Leonidovich Knishevsky. Untitled
    Valeria Ivanchikova. Discovery
    Alexander Repka. In the artist's studio
    Leonid Petrovich Pankosha. Native village
    OKSANA DYOMINA. (no title)
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    18,500.00 ₽
    2017, 50×60 cm
    18,500.00 ₽
    28,500.00 ₽
    28,500.00 ₽
    2018, 60×90 cm
    2018, 60×90 cm
    31,500.00 ₽
    2018, 60×90 cm
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