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Valerievna Tolokonnikova
Saint Petersburg, Russia 
born in 1981 •
Biography and information
Author Tolokonnikova Natalya lives in the city of St. Petersburg, a native of Donbass, she creates her canvases with oil and acrylic in the technique of abstractionism, surrealism, cubism. Experiments with fabric, installations, mixed techniques.
The author himself calls his paintings — rebuses or labyrinths, everyone can see his associative series, suitable for the personal outlook of the beholder.
Participant of the Non Professional Creative Association movement DO KUB, member of the Union of Abstractionists of Russia SABROS, finalist of the International Happy Plate Competition, participant of the 2017 exhibition of the Union of Artists of St. Petersburg devoted to the Siege of Leningrad, participant of the group exhibition NOT known in the Heather night gallery, participant of the art festival in the Floors, in Golitsyn Loft, in the People Gallery in Ryazan.
The works of the author live in Ukraine, Russia, Berlin, Rome.
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