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Ivanovich Yaroslavtsev - Honored Hood of the Russian Federation

. The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts. (6) Moscow.
.London Museum of Victoria and Albert. (4) London.
. Polytechnical Museum (5) Moscow.
.State Museum of the Academic Bolshoi Theater. Moscow.
. State Lermontov Museum-Reserve "Tarkhany".
. Samara Regional Art Museum.
.Historical –Art Museum of Serpukhov.
Institute of Russian Realistic Art. (34)
.Museum of Russian Art in Harbin. China. (40)
Resurrection Museum of History and Local Lore. (2)
.Noginsk Museum and Exhibition Complex.
. Balashikha art gallery.
. Reutov art gallery.
. Reutov City Museum of History and Local Lore.
.Breit Museum of Local Lore.
.Museum at the Russian State Social University.
.Museum of the history of the city of Obninsk.

Yaroslavtsev Anatoly, a well-known Russian artist, worked in a realistic manner. In various techniques (etching, drawing, linocut, poster) and materials (graphics, oil painting). The artist's works are characterized by honed craftsmanship, knowledge of deep traditions, the search for new techniques and technologies enriching graphic language and content. His work evolves from landscape, moving to a generalization of the theme and philosophical metaphor.
Anatoly Yaroslavtsev is a participant in All-Russian, regional, and international exhibitions.
"Youth of the country" (1987) - ALL-Union Moscow.
"Boldinskaya Autumn" to the 200th anniversary of the birth of A.S. Pushkin 1X All-Russian (1999),
“Your name” is the 2000th anniversary of the Nativity of Christ (2000) is All-Russian, “By Homeland” (1983) -Republic, “Guard the Homeland” (1984), “Heritage” (2003) -All-Russian, Artists of the Central Regions of Russia (2003) , (2008), International Fund for Slavic Writing (2007)) 1X All-Russian “Russia” (2004), (2009), International Exhibition “Victory” (2005), New Arrivals of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts. (2005) A.S. Pushkin., Forum "Cultural Reality of the Moscow Region" (2008), "Fatherland" (2008) All-Russian, Triennale 2008 Charts of the South of Russia,
X-regional "Artists of the central regions of Russia" (2008),
"Enter Russia" -Russian exhibition of paintings China, Harbin 2012 And many others.
Personal exhibitions: Prague (1989), England (1999), Voskresensk (1990), Balashikha Art Gallery (2001), Noginsk Cultural and Exhibition Center (2006), Exhibition Hall CX (2018)


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