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Giovanni Battista


Son of a sculptor and engraver, in 1697 entered the Studio of Antonio Molinari. Carefully studied the paintings of Caravaggio and Crespi. In 1727 was adopted in Bologna the Accademia Clementina. In 1750 he headed the Scuola di Nudo at the Venice Academy and spent much time teaching. The Piazzetta painting is rich in color. Highly reputable among the painters of his time, he has trained a galaxy of talented students, was influenced by the work of Tiepolo.

Italian painter and engraver. Master of the late Baroque. He studied at Venice in the Studio of Antonio Molinari and in the years 1705-1711 Giuseppe Crespi in Bologna. In 1711 Giovanni Battista Piazzetta returned to Venice, where he continued to work with few interruptions. In 1750 he was elected Director of the Venice Academy of fine arts. In frescos (ceiling of the chapel of San Domenico, the Church of Santi Giovanni e Paolo in Venice, 1727), the altar images, monumental genre compositions (“Young standard-bearer”, about 1743, a Picture gallery, Dresden) and easel drawings Piazzetta features of late Baroque and Rococo are combined with the characteristic of the Venetian school of the 18th century a bold life observations, decorative skill with the spontaneity of the images.

Painting of the Piazzetta stands the soft light effects, light Golden scales with muted red-brown, green, and blue-gray shades. The paintings of Giovanni Battista Piazzetta ("the Ecstasy of St. Francis", 1729; "the fortune Teller", 1740; "Rebekah at the well," 1740-e, the Pinacoteca di Brera, Milan) is marked by the vividness of the composition, soft light and shade, richness of color. Piazzetta made a series of drawings to the “Liberated Jerusalem” by T. tasso (published in 1745). Highly reputable among the painters of his time, the Piazzetta was raised a galaxy of talented students, was influenced by the work of Tiepolo.

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