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Borisovich Tuzhikov
born in XX century •
artist, collector
Biography and information
Born in 1979 in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

2000 he Graduated from Kharkiv state art College, painting Department.

2006 Graduate of Kharkiv state Academy of design and arts, faculty of

The fine arts on specialization Easel painting.

Tutors Chaus.In.N., Ganotsky.In.L., Sizikov.In.In

Since 2001 an Active participant of numerous art

of workshops, campaigns, events, group, national and international exhibitions.

2004−2005 Regional art exhibition "Christmas salon"

2004 Group exhibition, dedicated to the 60th anniversary Hdhs them.And.E.Repin, gallery "Maestro"

2005 Participant of cultural and artistic events "Ways vasilkovskaja: a view through the centuries"

with subsequent exhibitions in Poltava (hood.Museum), Lubny (hood.Museum), Odessa (hood.Museum)

2006 Collective exhibition in the Gallery art-club "Perspective", Civil movement "Joy of life"

"Dniester 2006", Odessa.

2007 participant of the exhibition in Saint-Petersburg on the opening of the gallery "N.Prospect"

(the Fund "Cultural Heritage")

2007 Group exhibition, Art-club "RAKURS"and the exhibition hall "Union"

(Department of protection of objects of state administration) in Odessa.

2007 Group exhibition "Summer mood", Exhibition hall "March" in Odessa.

2007−2008 Regional art exhibition"Christmas salon"House of artists.

2008−2009 Regional art exhibition"Christmas salon"House of artists.

All-Ukrainian exhibitions:

2001 all-Ukrainian art exhibition dedicated to the artist’s Day.

2001−2002, Ukrainian Christmas exhibition, House of artists

2002 all-Ukrainian art exhibition dedicated to the artist’s Day.

2005 all-Ukrainian exhibition dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Victory, Central House of artists

2005−2006 all-Ukrainian Christmas exhibition, House of artists.

2006−2007 all-Ukrainian Christmas exhibition, House of artists.

2007 all-Ukrainian art exhibition dedicated to the artist’s Day.

2009−2010 all-Ukrainian art exhibition "Radwan"House of artists.

2010−2011 all-Ukrainian art exhibition "Radwan"House of artists.

2011−2012-Ukrainian art exhibition "Radwan"House of artists.

Personal exhibitions:

2004 Personal exhibition in Kharkov (the library on the Avenue of the 50th anniversary of the Komsomol)

2008 Personal exhibition in Kharkiv art Museum

(exhibition hall)"Beauty navkolo"

2008 Personal exhibition in Kharkov house of scientists "Echo pouttu"

2008. Personal exhibition in cultural center "Image" Chuguev.

2009. Personal exhibition in the gallery "Mistets", Kiev "Excursions from Lito"

2011-Personal exhibition in the office of LLC"Finasta"Kiev "Lta Serenade"

2012-Personal exhibition in gallery "Kostrinsky lane"Kharkov "Breath of the Crimea"

2008 adopted the national Union of artists of Ukraine.

2009 participant of art plein air "Ways of Cossack glory"Nikopol.

2009 participation in the Ukrainian festival"PSNI crane ridnu" exhibition"Petrusic colors"

at the art Museum, Poltava.

2010 participation in the exhibition "Art licks" Gallery Hdhs them.Repin.

2011 Participant of all-Ukrainian plein-air project "Kiev of Zhivopisny"

2012 Collective exhibition "Spring beloveds" Gallery "Beit Dan"

Jewish center of Kharkov.

2012 Exhibition in the gallery "Maestro", "People, space, time"

2012 Exhibition in the gallery "Maestro", "Our favorite city"

2012 Participation in exhibition of Russian and Ukrainian paintings "Silvana Galleri" US.

2013 Participation in the international art plein air "Plener Venkov 2013" Czech Republic.

Work is in Kharkiv art Museum in Kharkiv house of scientists and

in private collections in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, China, USA, France, UK, Germany.
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Igor Borisovich Tuzhikov. Chubarovka
Igor Borisovich Tuzhikov
2010, 70×50 cm
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Igor Borisovich Tuzhikov. Inspiration of the night
Inspiration of the night
Igor Borisovich Tuzhikov
2013, 60×90 cm
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Igor Borisovich Tuzhikov. Beloved Bay
Beloved Bay
2009, 82×42 cm
Igor Borisovich Tuzhikov. Repair
2011, 40×35 cm
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Boat station
2013, 40×35 cm
Igor Borisovich Tuzhikov. Inspiration of the night
Inspiration of the night
2013, 60×90 cm
Igor Borisovich Tuzhikov. Chubarovka
October 2010, 70×50 cm
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