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born in XX century •
artist, collector
Biography and information
Member vtoo "Union of artists of Russia" since 2006.
Member of the International Association of fine arts IAPA UNESCO.

Graphic artist, painter.

Born February 23, 1981
He graduated from the Cherepovets College of arts and crafts. V. V. Vereshchagin (2000), Capital Institute of Humanities (2005), Saint-Petersburg state academic Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture. I. E. Repin (2012)

Participant of city, regional, regional, national and international exhibitions since 2001
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About me
График, живописец. Член ВТОО "Союз художников России" с 2006 г. Член Международной ассоциации изобразительных искусств АИАП Юнеско.

Natalia Belova. Evening. from the Vologda village
Natalia Belova. Yard. from the Vologda village
Natalia Belova. Road. from the Vologda village
Natalia Belova. Self-portrait
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Artworks by the artist
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2001, 40×50 cm
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