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Alexander Anatolyevich Drozdovsky

Anatolyevich Drozdovsky

born in 1945

Born in the city of Gomel in Belarus, in 1945 Graduated from the Department of metal art, AHPU (1975) and MIT school of art (1994). A resident of hotkovo (1971). Artist of decorative and applied art, artist, painter. Taught the fundamentals of performance skills and composition in the Department of metal art AHPC (1975-2004). Member of the CX (1993), veteran of labor (2000). Teaches at MGUPI (2004). He was awarded medals "20 years of victory in the great Patriotic war" (1965) and "In memory of 850-anniversary of Moscow" (1997). Participant of city, regional, Republican, all-Union and all-Russian exhibitions. Works are in the Museum-reserve "Abramtsevo", in SPRIGS, the Art Fund of Russia, private collections in Russia and abroad.

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