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Ivan Mikhailovich Abalyayev (Obolyaev)

Mikhailovich Abalyayev (Obolyaev)


The sculptor is a self-taught wood Carver. Rod., lived and worked in D. Natroma (now cymric district). In his work, had a preference for sculpture of small forms, founded. the stories drew from the life of kimrskiy of artisanal shoemakers. A. - the author of a number of complex multi-figure compositions (a sort. skulpt. of images): "Farewell to school", "Denial of resources", "Kimry Shoe Bazaar", "Meeting a poor man with his fists", etc. In 1941, A. went to the front and died. His works are kept in Tver. region cards. Gal., Tver. Ob'jednane Museum and cymric local historian. Museum. Lit.: - S. cymric Woodcarver Abalaev, Kalinin, 1940; Oreshkin P., Sculptor Abalaev. "Native land", Kalinin, 1956.

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