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Veniaminovna Idelson
Biography and information

Idelson Raisa Veniaminovna 1894, Vitebsk — 1972, Moscow.

From 1916 he studied at the School of drawing and painting, J. M. pan (Vitebsk), in 1918 — the school Y. S. Goldblatt (Petrograd) and K. S. Petrov-Vodkin, in preparation for the entry in AH.

From 1921 — in the higher art by R. Falk.

In 1928 was with him in Paris. Abroad, it is not the first time and in 1904 was visiting relatives in Germany and Switzerland, in 1913 in Belgium and France.

It’s hard to say what is more evident the loftiness and refinement of her nature — poems that she wrote from an early age, in prose 30−40's, in painting the days of VKhUTEMAS and OJO (save. two self-portraits and Flowers in the blue bottle).

In 1930, absorbed by the cares of a young son and bedridden sister (Teatr. Director A. V. Azarh-Granovskaya), daily consultations and correspondence with the external WANT, are unable to realize himself as a painter.


1922 — 1st Russian art. in-ka in Berlin;

1925 — "the Moscow painters";

1925−27 — Belarusian;

1928 — GROWTH;

1928−29 — OJO (SPR. not a decree.);

1977, 31.10 — YFC.

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Raisa Veniaminovna Idelson. Self-portrait
Raisa Veniaminovna Idelson. Female portrait
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Artworks by the artist
2 artworks total
Raisa Veniaminovna Idelson. Self-portrait
1920-th , 46×58 cm
Raisa Veniaminovna Idelson. Female portrait
Female portrait
1929, 48×57 cm
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