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Pietro Novelli (Italian. Pietro Novelli, 2 Mar 1603(16030302) — August 27, 1647) was an Italian painter of the Baroque period, who worked mainly in Palermo.

Born in Montreal in the family of the painter Pietro Antonio Novelli, who became his teacher and mentor. In 1618 with his father and his disciple Vito Carrera moved to Palermo. His first painting, called "SV. Antony the Abbot," he wrote in 1626 for the Church of St. Anthony. The development of his performance style, he owes a lot to Anthony van Dyck, who visited Sicily in 1624 and was engaged in painting the altar in one of the churches in Palermo. Also appreciable influence on Novelli has had the followers of Caravaggio, in particular, josé de Ribera, who worked mainly in Naples.

In his hometown of Montreal Novelli was engaged in the painting of St. Zita, and also painted "the Marriage at Cana" for the refectory of the Benedictine monastery.

Pietro Novelli died in Palermo, passing the skill to the student Francesco Maggiotto.

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