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Koebke was one of 11 children of a Baker. At the age of 11 he became ill with acute rheumatic fever and convalescent, a lot of drawing, and then decided to become an artist. 1822 he attended the Academy of fine Arts in Copenhagen, in 1828 he studied with K. V. he is known. Creativity Koebke stylistically close to the Biedermeier. Koebke known for his portraits ("artist's Sister", 1831), landscapes ("Vesterbro in the morning light", 1836), paintings of architecture, genre scenes. Koebke paintings are characterized by clarity of composition, harmony of colors, the fidelity of everyday life.

Danish painter and graphic artist. He is most internationally renowned Danish painter. Together with his teacher he is known, he was the leading painter of the Danish Golden age of painting in the 1830's and 1840's.

From 1822 he attended the Academy of fine Arts in Copenhagen, from 1828 he studied with K. V. he is known. Creativity Koebke stylistically close to the Biedermeier. He wrote lyrical, subtle color portraits ("the artist’s Sister" 1831), landscapes ("Østerbro in the morning light" 1836, the State art Museum, Copenhagen), genre scenes.

Kristen Koebke was primarily distinguished by the unusual choice of subjects. The picturesqueness of the landscape as such did not seem too occupied it. "Overlooking one of the lakes of Copenhagen" is a picture really worth attention, and yet the tranquility and beauty does not so much attract the artist, as it may seem at first sight. The main on the canvas appear to be a flagpole with a Danish flag. Not to say that he flies triumphantly, but he was significant enough to attract attention. As usual in works Koebke, the action of missing here. We see a motionless female figures and a small boat moving toward them on the water, reflecting the pink paint of the sunset. Hard to say what makes this picture so great.

He is known for his landscapes and views of Copenhagen and North Zealand, especially famous for his paintings of the castle of Frederiksborg.

Much attention he paid to the architectural silhouettes and the light of the Danish sky.

His charming portraits of the family, his fellow artists and friends — are among the finest examples of Scandinavian portraiture

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Kristen Köbke. Portrait Of Wilhelm Benze
Portrait Of Wilhelm Benze
Kristen Köbke
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